RADIO BIAFRA broadcasting from London RADIO BIAFRA broadcasting from London  

Voices of the Indigenous People of Biafra

This is the listening post for the voices of the indigenuous people of Biafra! Tell your friends and join us on Facebook and the main website


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Call to join the LIVE debate: +447831308376...Tweet: @radiobiafralive...Skype ID: radiobiafra

Be part of the movement to give voice to the indigenous people!




Those with mainframe computers and laptops should start listening to the broadcast automatically. If not please click on the PLAY button.


If you are listening with or wish to listen with a mobile phone, please look for compatible media player icon on the right and click on it.


We hope you will tell your friends, family and acquaintances about Radio Biafra and the work genuine Biafrans are doing worldwide to free the people of Biafra from bondage.


Radio Biafra is presently based in London but has FM mobile station in Biafraland.

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